Amanprana Hazelnut spread with cacao 400g

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Amanprana Hazelnut spread with cacao 400g

Most chocolates contain 40 to 60% refined or brown sugars. Amanprana choco contains 0% refined sugar. Amanprana choco De Luxe contains the benefits of 28.5% coconut blossom sugar. There are more antioxidants in coconut blossom sugar than in kiwi, mango, carrot or tomato. A world of difference for my children because refined or brown sugars offer 0% antioxidants.

45% hazelnuts (Turkey/Italy)*, 28.5% coconut blossom sugar*, 9% coconut oil*, 7% moisture-free butter* (milk)*, 5% skimmed cacao powder*, 5% milk powder*, 0.5% sunflower lecithin*, 0.03% vanilla*.

Nuts, milk; May contain traces of soy.

Nutritionele info
Values for 100g/100mL
Energy (kJ) 2464kj
Energy (kcal) 594kcal
Proteins (g) 9.9g
Carbohydrates (g) 35.03g
Carbohydrates of which sugars (g) 29.31g
Fats (g) 44.8g
Fats of which saturated (g) 14.87g
Fiber (g) 5.31g
Salt gr 0.15 g


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