Gift basket Sustainable and healthy food MIX 2

68.35 incl. btw

Gift basket Sustainable and healthy food MIX 2

De inhoud:
  1. BELVAS Thins dark 120g Goiji-Quinoa almonds
  2. Billy’s Farm oatcakes chocolate macadamia organic 200g
  3. Mielbio Italian forest honey organic 300g
  4. Pukka Love organic 20 sachets
  5. BIO-VERDE Olives green without pit 200g
  6. Phare Sardine olive oil 135g
  7. Horizon maple syrup a-grade organic 250ml
  8. ISLAND BAKERY Lemon melts 133g dipped in white chocolate
  9. RAPUNZEL cherries dried 100g
  10. BELVAS Truffles almond dark choc 100g
  11. Vivani Chocolate dark marzipan amaretto organic 100g
  12. Lovechock Almond fig 80% cacao organic & raw 40g
  13. Zwergenwiese rucola mustard spread organic 180g
  14. NUTS&BERRIES Energy bar superfoods 40g
  15. RAPUNZEL Kernel mix (roasted) 250g


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