Mannavital Calmiton

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Mannavital Calmiton

A busy job, a demanding family, traffic jams on the road, exams…. there are numerous reasons why we sometimes experience too much mental stress and we could use a natural, relaxing drug without the risk of side effects or dependence. A special feature of CALMITON is a natural substance obtained by enzymatic cleavage of milk protein and scientifically researched, alpha S1 casein decapeptide. Furthermore, this natural remedy also contains passionflower extract, which is known for its natural, calming properties and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Why choose Mannavital Calmiton

  • contains with alpha S1 casein decapeptide (LACTIUM®), a natural bioactive piece of protein obtained by enzymatic cleavage of milk protein and whose action has been scientifically proven
  • contains passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), standardized at 2.5% vitexin
  • may be used in cases of intolerance to lactose or milk protein


passionflower extract, milk protein hydrolysate, antioxidant (calcium phosphate), stabilizer (microcrystalline cellulose), filler (corn starch), anti-caking agents (stearic acid, cottonseed oil, talc), emulsifier (magnesium stearate).


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