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Mannavital Chlorella Platinum

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Mannavital Chlorella Platinum

The “green super algae” chlorella has the highest nutritional value in nature per unit weight. As the world’s richest source of the cleansing chlorophyll, which also contains a minimum of 60% complete, plant protein, is further very rich in antioxidant carotenes and plant iron and is also a top source of nucleic acids, chlorella can not only replenish deficiencies, but also purify the organism, fight free radicals and promote cell repair. Therefore, the intake of CHLORELLA PLATINUM translates into more energy, better performance, stronger defenses and improved cholesterol and glucose levels, among other benefits. Important condition to enjoy the nutritional value of chlorella, however, is that the hard, quasi-indigestible cell wall is broken!

Why choose Mannavital Chlorella Platinum

  • ‘broken cell wall’ quality: for maximum nutrient absorption, the cell walls were broken without loss of nutritional value
  • grown in the purest, mineral-rich water
  • grown under maximum sun exposure in very pure air


chlorella, antioxidant (tricalcium phosphate)


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