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Mannavital Collagen Platinum

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Mannavital Collagen Platinum

The youthfulness, hydration and elasticity of our skin, the suppleness of our joints and the strength of our bones, teeth, hair and nails: they all depend largely on the amount of the protein collagen they contain. And this amount clearly decreases with age. COLLAGEN PLATINUM can replenish our collagen capital and contains a scientifically researched “hydrolysate” of fish collagen: collagen which has been split into small, easily absorbable building blocks by enzymes. In addition, COLLAGEN PLATINUM naturally also feeds vitamin C, as this is the vitamin par excellence that promotes collagen production.

Why choose Mannavital Collagen Platinum

  • contains hydrolyzed marine collagen (fish collagen with scientifically proven efficacy (PEPTAN F® 2000 LD): due to their short chain length (2000 Da), these collagen peptides are very well absorbed
  • with calcium ascorbate, contains a non-acid form of vitamin C to promote collagen production
  • is completely neutral in flavor and can be dissolved in any beverage or incorporated into a shake or smoothie


per unit dose (1 measuring spoon):
– 5 g hydrolyzed collagen of marine origin (PEPTAN F® 2000 LD)
– 80 mg Vitamin C (100 % RI*), o.w. calcium ascorbate


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