Mannavital Immunoton forte

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Mannavital Immunoton forte

In acute winter respiratory attacks, the key is to fend off foreign invaders as best you can in order to get back on your feet quickly. To this end, IMMUNOTON FORTE contains the probate synergy of two herbs that contribute to strong defenses and increased respiratory comfort: the Indian echinacea(KalmCold®) and the South African Umckaloabo and this in their correct, scientifically researched doses. In addition, IMMUNOTON FORTE contains the minerals and vitamins most essential for resistance in their most active form and correct dosage.

Why choose Mannavital Immunoton forte?

  • it is an optimal synergy of herbal extracts and the appropriate nutrients, for strong winter defense
  • of Indian echinacea or – gentian (KalmCold®), standardized to 33% anthocyanins, alone, has been shown to work in scientific studies
  • with Pelargonium sidoides, standardized at 25% gallic acid
  • with zinc and selenium, the minerals most crucial for resistance
  • with vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin A, the vitamins most crucial to the immune system


Pelargonium sidoides, Vitamin C, capsule wall (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), Andrographis paniculata, zinc bisglycinate, selenium yeast 0.2%, filler (rice starch), rice bran extract (Oryza sativa), emulsifier (stearic acid), Vitamin D3, vitamin A


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