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Mannavital OPC Platinum

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Mannavital OPC Platinum

Provided they meet the strictest quality standards as in OPC PLATINUM, OPCs or Oligomeric procyanides from the marine bark can exhibit numerous beneficial effects in our bodies. They owe this mainly to a double effect. First of all, they exert a beneficial action on the blood vessel walls, protecting the fine blood vessels in particular and promoting blood flow in them. Furthermore, they exert a pronounced antioxidant effect, protecting cells and tissues from free radicals.

Altogether, therefore, the intake of OPC PLATINUM can be beneficial for many people. Primarily to promote blood circulation in the delicate blood vessels, the relieving effect on heavy, tired legs being particularly notable. Better respiratory comfort such as seasonal symptoms and hypersensitivity is also more than welcome. Finally, OPC PLATINUM helps stay youthful and fresh, keeping us moving smoothly, inhibiting premature signs of aging and the sun’s impact on the skin, and alleviating menopause symptoms.

Why choose Mannavital OPC Platinum

– with OLIGOPIN® contains the very best quality and scientifically researched extract of
oligomeric procyanides from marine bark
– contains min. 67 % of the “short”, highly absorbable and therefore effective oligomeric procyanides
– contains minimum 43% of the shortest mono- and dimers
– Is free of the “long” and inactive tannins


filler (rice starch), capsule wall (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), Pinus pinaster, rice bran extract (Oryza sativa),emulsifier (stearic acid)


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