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Mannavital Soy Lecithin Platinum

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Mannavital Soy Lecithin Platinum

In soybean germ, lecithin is an ideal fat emulsifier. Primarily due to its high content of choline, lecithin may contribute to the smooth metabolism of fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides and to the maintenance of normal liver function. SOY LECITHIN PLATINUM is high quality soy lecithin in a convenient-to-use granulate.

Why choose Mannavital Soy Lecithin Platinum

  • Contains ID or ‘identity preserved’ soy lecithin
  • contains a minimum of 98% lecithin, of which 18-28% is phosphatidylcholine
  • in the form of an easily processed granulate


per heaped tablespoon: 8 g of soy lecithin (Glycine max), containing a minimum of 1.44 g of phosphatidylcholine and 187 mg of choline




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