Mannavital Vitamin B12 Platinum

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Mannavital Vitamin B12 Platinum

A strict vegetarian diet, intense work and sports, impaired stomach function, the aging process … can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency in some cases. Such deficiency can be supplemented by VITAMINE B12 PLATINUM. This melting tablet (preferably to be melted under the tongue) contains as much as 1000 mcg of active vitamin B12, which for optimal effect is accompanied by that other important B vitamin folic acid and this too under a directly active form.

Why choose Mannavital Vitamin B12 Platinum

  • contains as much as 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 per tablet and this in the highly absorbable and directly effective form “methylcobalamin”
  • for optimal synergistic effect also contains folic acid and this under the excellent absorbable and directly effective form “5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate glucosamine salt”
  • contains no refined sugar; sweetened with the sugar alcohol isomalt
  • contains red beet juice as a coloring agent and a natural cherry flavor
  • contains only vegetable ingredients (vegan)


sweetener (isomalt), natural cherry flavor, emulsifiers (glyceryl dibehenate, stearic acid), L-leucine, food acid (citric acid), methylcobalamin, (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt


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