Mannavital Vitamin K2 Platinum

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Mannavital Vitamin K2 Platinum

Vitamin K2 plays a central role in calcium metabolism. It helps deposit calcium in the bones, helping to maintain strong bones, and it helps keep calcium away from blood vessel walls, helping to keep blood vessels healthy. VITAMINE K2 PLATINUM contains the most active and best researched form of vitamin K2: menaquinone-7 from the fermented soy product natto (MENAQ-7®).

Why choose Mannavital Vitamin K2 Platinum

  • Contains a high-quality form of vitamin K2: menaquinone-7 from natto
  • contains a scientifically researched form of vitamin K2: MENAQ-7® and this at the correct dose from the clinical studies conducted with it
  • has exceptional value for money


capsule wall (gelatin, stabilizer: glycerol, coloring: caramel), sunflower oil, menaquinone-7.


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